Do’s and don’t 


Mobile phones are not permitted inside the temple premises. Although there is a counter where visitors and participants are allowed to deposit their phones, we recommend leaving phones safely in your rooms when leaving for the day’s programme. If you see certain people with phones, they have been given special permission as an organisers.


Please carry your own reusable water bottles. The use of plastic inside the temple is banned.


Please carry a mosquito repellent, sunblock and flashlight.


Please be respectful of your movement during the performances as we will be using the passage in the middle for offerings.


October onwards is the best time to visit Bodhgaya. We suggest you to carry comfortable and traditional summer clothes for the day and a light shawl or jacket for a pleasant evening. A hat would be perfect to cut the effect of the stark sun while sitting at the festival.


Kindly go through the FAQs and keep visiting this webpage for any updates. Only if you have any further queries, you can contact


All are welcome to the festival. There will be no registration required and therefore no email confirmations will be sent. In case of children, You will need to complete registration for your child for the kid’s camp. 


There will be  reserved seating on  mattresses in the festival seating area. You are free to carry your own cushion.


As we will be taking lot of photographs and uploading them on the website anyway, we request that you participate in the festival mindfully and whole-heartedly instead of trying to capture all the special moments. We would request anyone taking photographs not to come in the way of the circulation, offerings or the festival’s photographers and film-maker.


We will be documenting the Siddhartha Festival right through the duration of the festival, in which you may be captured. These recordings may be used by us for a documentary, our website, social media etc. Please do let us know if you would prefer not to be included.


You will be required to take your shoes off when entering the Mahabodhi Temple. They may be deposited at the shoe stall near the Reception office. You can carry shoe bags, if required, for carrying your shoes to the festival seating area.


We recommend using the upper kora while entering and exiting the temple and festival venue, this makes you to complete the round. After you enter the main temple area, please take a left and follow the signs. 

Please follow the exit signages, which makes you to complete the whole round of the upper kora.


We encourage you to wear traditional attire at the Mahabodhi Temple keeping in mind the cultural tradition of the temple.