How will I receive updates on this event?
The participants are requested to be proactive in regularly checking the festival website for updates and FAQ’s here for questions on the event.
Will livestream of this event be offered for those who cannot attend?

No livestream will be available. However do stay tuned here for alternate possibilities.

I would love to be kept up to date on Siddhartha’s Intent events, how do I do that?
Follow our social media channels – Siddhartha’s Intent – for global events on Facebook and Instagram 
and Siddhartha’s Intent India for India related events – on Instagram 
or Email on info@deerpark.in 
I would like to volunteer for the event, who should I contact?
Thanks! We appreciate your willingness to help. You can email us at info@deerpark.in , sisfqueries@gmail.com to offer your volunteer services.
Where should I fly into to arrive at the festival?

Gaya International Airport, Bodhgaya, Bihar which Is at a distance of 10.6kms from the Mahabodhi Temple.

How do I get to my hotel/airbnb/venue from the airport?
After arrival and claiming checked bags, you will find inside the terminal the taxi services. You can also book a cab with Mr. Muni Lal
Where should I stay in Bodhgaya?
Hotels will be your best options in the area. There is a list of hotels that we recommend in the Accommodation section.
How do I get around Bodhgaya and to/from the teachings venue?

Most hotels are at a walking distance to the Mahabodhi temple. Although if you wish you can use the scooter rickshaws available in abundance to reach anywhere.

Is there parking at the venue?

You can either take a cab or walk or take a scooter rickshaw to get to the venue.

What is the weather like in Bodhgaya in October?

-The weather in Bodhgaya is generally pleasant and sunny year round. In October,     expect the days to be sunny and nice with the temperature between 25deg to 30deg in the day with the temperature dropping to 20.7deg in the evening.

Can I bring my children to the event?
Yes, you can. Please read the following questions and more information related to this. 
Will there be a Kids Camp?
Do register your kids up for a fun and educational experience where your kids will enjoy the workshops, activities and make new friends in this special place where Buddha attained enlightenment, here: https://forms.gle/hoHGwS7DC8LS4NdbA .  The registration deadline is October 9th, 2023. 

Once you register please email us at sisfkidscamp@gmail.com to send you a whatsapp group link specially for the kids’ camp

*For kids of 3 & 4 years: It is mandatory that 1 guardian accompany each kid and be present during the whole time mentioned above at the venue. If you have 2 children of age 3 & 4 years enrolled in the camp, you can have 1 guardian present for both.

Are there other places I can be with my child if I need to leave the venue?
Yes, you can use the common areas and gardens of the MahaBodhi which has large grounds and lots of open space.